How To Add A Content Locker On Your Blog Or Website

 Login to your AdliveMedia publisher dashboard.

 Click tools then click content lockers in the left hand menu.

 You will see a list of your content lockers here. (You can make as many lockers as you want)

 Click add a new content locker

 Name the locker what ever you want

 Add the offers you want on this content locker just type the name and the offer will appear in the box click it and it will be added to your locker.Continue to do this with as many offers you want to add to the content locker.

A good idea is to open another window or tab with the offers window open. Let say you only want UK offers for your locker search UK then copy the id number for that offer and paste it in the offer box in your content locker settings.


  Then fill in any design specifics like font size, Opacity of the locker, Etc.

 Save the locker

 Copy and paste the javascript code into the page you want to lock.


If you are using wordpress there is many plugins that can easily  do this for you.

If you have any questions or need assistance  feel free to contact us.